Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Third Draft: The Meaning of Friendship

Friends are those who always cheers up my life. My life has become more meaningful with friends around me. I enjoy meeting new people and later make them as my friends. I want to have as many friend as I can. There are many things to learn and share with the others. Besides that, I will ensure to maintain my friendship with those who are already my friends. It is good to have as many friends as you can.

There are many types of friends. There are friends who are willing to share their happiness and sadness with you. I am glad to have such friends. They always help me whenever I have problems. No matter what kind of problems it was. I can seek for their help and advice and even share my feelings with them. However, there are also some friends who being dishonest with their friendship. Some of them might backstabbed you and some of them might want to be our friend just because we have something that they need.

During my secondary school i have a friend who backstabbed me. I felt really disappointed. She pretended to be good but she keep spreading bad things about me behind my back. My friends informed me about this and later i asked her whether it is true. She cried and asked for my apologize. I could not believe that the person whom i thought really honest and kind willing to do bad things behind my back. I am sure that you guys might have many experiences dealing with many types of friends.

There was not long ago when my mother has been diagnosed with advanced kidney failure. My life seems to turn upside down. My family were running out of money as the dialysis treatment required a large amount of money. I felt devastated looking how my mother suffers from the disease. Some of my friends lend me some money and those who could not lend money give me moral support to go through the problems. It means a lot to me.

Well, i just came back from UPM. I am so happy to meet my best friend and share her happy moment together. She just graduated from UPM with the degree in biotechnology. I managed to meet many of my ex-classmates there. One of them is now studying in medical field and i asked her to check my eyes because i have eyes problems (free consultation of course..hehe) . It was awesome. I mean, previously we were just an ordinary students and now we are reaching for greater things in our life. There are so many stories to tell. We could not stop talking. It was really fun. I really enjoyed myself. They are so meaningful to me.

They taught me the real meaning of friendship. I found honesty within them. I appreciate them and afraid of losing them as my friend. Maybe you may also have found friends whom taught you the real meaning of friendship. Honest friend are hard to find nowadays. I am glad to have so many friends that are always being honest with me.

Although some of them are now staying far away from me, I still can contact them with the help of technology. We can communicate with each other and share our stories. However, I still miss the moment when we can sit together and talk face to face. Laugh and cry together. I am so happy to know that most of them are now sucessfully working in various kind of professions. In addtion, there are still some of them who are still studying and even struggling to pursue their masters.

Thank you to my friends because you guys taught me the real meaning of friendship.


Anonymous said...

1.the pictures act as visual aid to ur draft, i like the pictures of peanuts gang and d last pic as it is related to the particular paragraph.

2.sometimes i'm not so sure what tense to use in my writing

Well, i just came back from UPM. I am so happy to meet my best friend and share her happy moment together.

u used i am so happy in ur second sentence but u r talking bout ur past meeting and feelings rite
or u r feeling happy when u write dis draft

3. Laugh and cry together.

laughing and crying.. because laugh and cry are verbs

thats all for dis moment

yagami said...

well done for the third draft. I like when you explained more about your memory of being backstabbed by your own friend. I know it is a very unpleasant thing to bear but it is a very valuable experience too that there are such people like this in our life. You need to check on some grammatical errors.